Sink Reference Guide

Made in India

India is a born leader, and like many of the counteries leader have believed, india is destined to play an extremely important role in leading the world in the right direction. sellor products are proudly made in india and accordingto the india user and requirement.

1.0 mm & 0.8 mm Thickness

Sellor uses 1mm & 0.8mm thick steel for most of its series. this makes the sinks less vulnerable to denting and bending even after years of receiving knocks from utensils.

2 mm frame

2mm frame is used in sink. the embodiment of thicker frame gives more strength and solid look. we assure a durable sink and a great look.

10 mm corner

Fresh, geometric design offers straight sidewalls and a flat bottom for a modern look and more usable space inside the sink. items sit flat in the bottom of the sink, and glassware is less likely to tip over and break tight 10mm corners are easy to clean.

Zero Radius corner

Perfectly squared 90° corners give the sink a modern look with a flat bottom and straight side walls for more usable space inside the sink.

Smart Drain

This square shaped drain with its unique design helps in hassle free waste disposal. it keeps your drain clog free. easy to clean and use it is a hygienic alternate to regular drain.

Undercoat with sound0 Suppression pad

sellor use special grade sound-suppression pads and undercoating. the main advantages of this special feature are that it absorbs sound, protects against condensation build-up inside kitchen cabinets and helps to maintain sink water temperature.